Contract Claims

Contract Claims

No one commences a project with the view that at the end of the job they will end up in court. However, every project at some time will have issues and disputes relating specifically to time or cost. The complexity of dealing with these disputes varies depending on the complexity of the project, its contract and the specific issues involved.

It has been our experience that many times, these issues get left to the side as people generally, by nature, dislike conflict of any kind. There can be extreme pressure on project mangers from their own upper management and stakeholders to minimise conflict whenever it arises. However, sometimes this is simply not possible.

4Cite has assisted many companies deal with these sometime complex commercial issues. We have prepared cases for court proceedings as well as claims related to time or cost (Extensions of Time or Variations etc) that have been dealt with at a project level. We have extensive experience working in environments with superintendents and other third party contracts administrators.

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