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Planning and Scheduling

Planning and Scheduling is as much an art as it is a science. Best practice standards for scheduling as well as decades of experience across multiple industry sectors form the backbone of our planning and scheduling expertise. Sound Earned Value reporting must be based on a high quality program that aligns with budgets / control accounts. Visit our planning service page for more details.

Planning and Scheduling


Cost Control

4Cite is the exclusive Australian distributor for 4CastPlus Cost Control and Estimating Software. We also assist companies with various elements of implementation of custom project controls systems. Purpose built macros, databases and other tools to assist project teams deal with their projects specific data requirements.

Project Services
Contract Claims

Most projects at some time will have issues and disputes relating to time or cost. The complexity of these disputes varies depending on the complexity of the project, its contracts and the specific issues involved. 4Cite has assisted many companies deal with these commercial issues by either working with the team to prepare detailed claims and analyses or undertake reviews on behalf of third party administrators and / or Clients directly receiving such claims.

Project Professionals

services overview

  • Project Planning and Scheduling

    You’ve all heard “Failing to plan is planning to fail” but how many of you are actually developing, implementing, executing and reporting on high quality projects plans and schedules? It has been our experience, companies...

  • Contract Claims

    No one commences a project with the view that at the end of the job they will end up in court. However, every project at some time will have issues and disputes relating specifically to...

  • Mapping and Logistics

    4Cite has provided assistance with logistics and resource management by the utilisation of mapping. On projects where multiple crews will be deployed at various locations for short periods of time, it has been useful to...

  • Cost Control

    4Cite specialises in the development, implementation, management and assessment of cost control mechanisms on projects. We assist project teams develop and maintain high quality project cost records specifically with respect to managing progress claims, variations...

  • Program Planning

    Program planning and management can be a highly stressful undertaking particularly if the processes and systems for robust project controls are not in place or are lacking. The complexity of managing resources across multiple projects...

  • Resource Planning

    A major challenge facing any organisation is finding and maintaining good quality resources. That being said, many organisations are resource poor making the challenge of managing multiple projects that much more difficult. Having a clear...