PM-Now – Podcast Promo

PM-Now – Podcast Promo

PM-Now Podcast – Hosted by Jamie Dunn

4Cite welcomes Jamie to the team and we know with his great sense of humour and his genuine approach to the interviews that the podcasts will not only be informative but also very entertaining.
The show features interviews with Australian Project Professionals that can provide some great insights and inspiration on what it takes to deliver projects in today’s Construction Industry.

  PM-Now – Promo Show 50 Shades of Grey

Since we began talking as a human race we have learnt that sharing stories and experience from our Elders is a great way to progress our knowledge.
So why change what works!

The Guests are like a Puppet in Jamie’s Hands

Visit the PM-Now Podcast page and Check out Upcoming Interviews or go to LinkedIn and leave comment about the “50 Shades of Grey” promo – Join the Discussion

It’s all about Sharing the Knowledge. So why not join the on LinkedIn and get involved.

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