PM-Now – Show 02

PM-Now – Show 02

PM-Now Podcast – Hosted by Jamie Dunn

  PM-Now Podcast – Show 02

Craig Newton
Craig Newton – Telecommunications Industry
With over 30+ years experience in Construction and the Telecommunication Industry.
Show 02 – Interview 01
Does Size Matter Subcontractor, Contractor or Multi-National
Craig provides some insight to the differences and what kinds of strategies are used by different size business’ when preparing a Tender submission.
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Doug Wheeler
Doug Wheeler – Professional Training & Coaching
With over 30+ years experience in Project and Strategic Management Services
Show 02 – Interview 02
Getting your #Tag Qualifications and Credentials for Project Management.
Doug outlines the history behind the Accidental Project Manager. He provides a brief explanation about the range of vocational and academic qualifications and describes how they fit into the market.

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